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    About Warts Removal

    How does the Wart Removal work?

    There are 3 options for the treatment of Wart Removal:

    • Advanced Electrolysis
    • Cryosurgery
    • Laser treatment
    Advanced Electrolysis
    • This is the preferred procedure for Warts on the Face.
    • A fine needle is used with an electric current to simply cut and cauterise the Wart, cuts off the blood supply.
    • This is a non-invasive procedure which will give you immediate results without leaving any permanent scarring.
    • This procedure is better at ensuring the wart does not return and less risk of scarring especially on Face.
    • We use this procedure to treat large Warts on the body and Verrucae’s on the Feet.
    • This treatment method involves using Liquid Nitrogen to freeze off the Wart or verrucae.
    • The cold temperature kills the cells within the Wart or verrucae, as well as constricting the blood supply.
    • This causes the cells to die and naturally fall off.
    Laser treatment
    • In the case of seborrhoeic keratosis, we sometimes use our Laser treatment.
    • The intense beam of light from the laser burns and destroys the growth.
    • The spot size for a laser is large which means the area is treated within minutes.
    • A cooling device is used to cool the skin before, during and after Seborrhoeic Keratosis Removal.
    • The laser has minimal downtime and side effects including pain.

    Who is suitable for the treatment?

    • Anyone who suffers from Warts including Seborrhoeic Keratosis.
    • Anyone who has just one wart or multiple clusters of warts, on face or body areas.

    Who is not suitable for the treatment?

    The following are contraindications and treatment can therefore not be carried out:

    • Hepatitis B (highly infectious, virus not easily destroyed)
    • Blood disorders (Haemophilia)
    • Heart conditions, especially when taking blood thinners such as warfarin.
    • High blood pressure (can only treat when controlled or lowered)
    • Skin diseases and allergies (fungus infections, broken skin, active eczema or psoriasis)
    • Diabetic (skin is slower to heal)
    • Very sensitive skin (sunburn)
    • Anti-coagulant drugs
    • Pregnancy (some disorders arise during pregnancy but can disappear after birth) & Breastfeeding.
    • Keloid scarring (after injury there may be an overgrowth of skin. Further keloids may develop after treatment).
    • Epilepsy (an epileptic fit could be brought on)
    • General ill health (this can affect skin healing time)

    Consultation Procedure?

    • At your Free Consultation, our practitioner will assess your Warts and check your suitability for the treatment.
    • If our Practitioner identifies any suspicious skin blemish they will recommend seeing a medical practitioner and will require a GP’s written consent prior to treatment.
    • Depending on the size and number of Warts they will recommend you the cost and number of sessions required.

    What steps are involved in the treatment?

    • The area to be treated is cleansed with an alcohol cleanser and any local anaesthetic cream removed.
    • In the case of Advanced Electrolysis, each individual Wart is cauterised using an eclectic current, this process is repeated until all the Warts have been treated.
    • In the case of Cryotherapy, a CryoPen is used to accurately spray liquid nitrogen on the Warts.
    • In the case of Laser treatment for Seborrhoeic Warts, the laser beam is fired on the Wart, and the whole area is covered in the same manner. Cold air cooling is used before, during and after the treatment.
    • The treatment is finished with Witch hazel on the Warts to prevent post-treatment infection.
    • The area is cooled and aloe vera gel applied to prevent any post burning sensation.
    • A bandage or plaster is applied on the area, particularly after the Advanced Electrolysis procedure as there’s likely to be some minor bleeding.

    How does the treatment feel?

    • There will be a mild burning sensation on the skin when the Wart is cauterised.
    • There may be residual stinging after the Wart has been removed.
    • You may apply some numbing cream to the area before treatment. This will make the treatment pain free and comfortable.
    • Most of our clients tolerate the treatment well.

    How many treatments are required?

    • A single session is enough to remove Warts. We offer a 20-minute session so multiple Warts can be removed in one sitting.
    • If further treatment is required session intervals will be two weeks to ensure that the areas treated have healed well.
    • You will be given an approximate number of sessions required at your Consultation.

    Are there any possible side effects/Downtime?

    • Side effects are very rare with this treatment.
    • The treatment area may scab and appear red, but this is temporary and will heal completely within 14 days.
    • If there’s any bleeding you may need to apply a plaster for few hours after treatment.
    • When using cryotherapy the freezing causes a blister in and around the wart which will heal in a short period of time.
    • There is a risk of minimal scarring, but this will resolve in time.
    • You will be advised to use certain aftercare products to aid quicker skin healing.
    • Please note that you can use mineral makeup or Blemish Balm to conceal the skin whilst healing.

    Is there any Aftercare/Homecare?

    • The aftercare procedure will be discussed at your consultation. Following the aftercare advice is crucial to avoid damage to the area and allow the skin to heal without complications.
    • The healing process starts immediately, but the time of complete healing varies. Normally takes 2 weeks for complete healing of the skin.
    • On completion of the treatment, the area should be kept cool, a cold compress can be applied. Witch hazel should be applied to avoid infection. The areas should be left alone to ensure the natural healing of the skin. If the area feels dry or tenders some cortisone cream can be applied.
    • Scabs will form over the next 48 hours and should be left dry until they drop off on their own (over the next 10 days). You must never pick the scabs or scarring will result.
    • You will be given an aftercare advice sheet to take home with you after completion of your treatment.


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