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    About Veins

    What are veins?

    • Veins are small dilated blood vessels. They can occur on the legs and are most commonly seen on the face, especially around the cheeks and nose of adults with fair skin.
    • Veins are also known as Telangiectasia, broken veins, red veins, spider veins or red blood spots. These are tiny blood vessels under the skin which have become dilated. They can be superficial red veins or deeper purple or blue veins.
    • They are usually harmless, however they are more of a cosmetic concern.

    Face and Leg veins can be broken down into 5 categories:

    1. Red Veins

    • Red veins are normal capillaries, which have been on the skin surface due to enlargement or the thinning of the skin above them.
    • These superficial vessels can be treated successfully, provided they are small and easily visible.

    2. Thread veins

    • When blood escapes from the capillaries, possibly due to damage, it can leave small red thread-like formation very superficially near the skin surface (top dermal and epidermal) and are very visible.
    • Once the blood has escaped from a capillary it cannot re-enter the normal vascular system.
    • Thread veins can build up over many years or appear due to sudden damage.
    • They are easily treated, but further damage can result if the causes are not determined and removed.

    3. Spider Nevi – (consist of red feeding dot with legs coming out)

    • If the central vessel is depressed the lesion will blanch. These commonly occur on the face on the cheeks or on the back of the hands or forearms. They can commonly be seen on children or pregnant woman.

    4. Red blood spots (Campbell de Morgan spots)

    • These are small raised spots that most often appear on the trunk. They do not blanch when pressure is applied. They appear spontaneously and tend to increase in number in middle age. the cause is unknown but they respond well to both IPL & 1064 YAG.

    5. Couperus Conditions

    • When the capillary walls become dilated they can be more easily seen from the surface of the skin.
    • A cupreous condition can be identified as a permanent blushing which shows the area to be pink or red, but not clearly defined capillaries. These vessels are usually found at the lower dermal or subcutaneous level.
    • This condition is best treated with a Laser or IPL. Advanced Electrolysis is not indicated for this use.

    What causes these veins?

    • Weak valves – venous insufficiency
    • Inherited factors – tends to run in families
    • May occur during hormonal stages such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause.
    • Birth control pills
    • Steroid use
    • Sun exposure & Photo-damage
    • Injury/trauma to the skin
    • Standing for long periods of time
    • Age
    • Overweight increases the likelihood of developing them
    • Smoking increases the likelihood of developing them
    • Extreme weather conditions hot or cold.


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