Medical Microdermabrasion

  • Deeper Exfoliation with medical crystals
  • Combined with 20% Vitamin C peel
  • Infusion of Vitamins in the skin.
  • Treats Face & all Body areas.
  • Result is Instant Rejuvenation
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    Medical Microdermabrasion FAQs

    • The treatment removes/vacuums the outer keratin layer of skin using Aluminium oxide crystals.
    • It removes dead and damaged skin cells stimulating collagen production and rejuvenating the skin.
    • The combination of Vitamin C peel, the infusion technique and pure Gold Mask makes this an excellent Rejuvenation treatment.
    • Medical Microdermabrasion is a safe procedure which can be performed on Men & Women regardless of their Skin Type or age (although we require clients to be 16 or over).
    • It can treat specific skin conditions or can be done as a facial to keep the skin in good condition as it promotes collagen and hinders future breakouts if done on a regular basis.

    Certain Skin types and conditions can be negatively affected by the treatment.

    • Anyone suffering from moderate to severe active acne. The treatment can spread the infection. Remember, Microdermabrasion does not stop acne although it can help mild cases. If you have Active acne the first step is to treat the cause of Acne – we can advise you on suitable treatments. Microdermabrasion can then be done to treat the damage acne has left on the skin, such as pitted Acne scars, hyperpigmentation marks and uneven skin tone.
    • Dermal Pigmentation & Melasma: Microdermabrasion can make the condition worse in some cases.
    • Severe Rosacea: The mechanical exfoliation can aggravate the condition and make it worse.
    • Eczema/Dermatitis: The cells can be over stimulated which can lead to another outbreak.
    • Suntan/Sunburn: It is not safe to treat recently tanned or sun burnt skin. You will need to start wearing sunblock, a minimum of SPF 30 everyday to protect the skin.
    • Vitiligo: The melanocytes in the affected area stop producing pigment, microdermabrasion does not help in this case.
    • Active skin infection: Such as cold sores, you will need to take an anti viral medication before commencing the treatment.
    • Roaccutane: Anyone taking this drug cannot be treated during and for 6 months after using the drug.

    Your Full Medical History will be taken at the Consultation to assess you suitability for the treatment. If there’s any contraindications we will not go ahead with the procedure.

    • Prior to the treatment, you must first undergo a consultation where details about your medical history are obtained in order to confirm suitability for the Med Micro treatment.
    • We will discuss your lifestyle habits and homecare skin protocol.
    • Your skin practitioner will assess your skin and recommend a treatment protocol for you.
    • Your skin is double cleansed & massaged to prepare it for the Micro.
    • Peel prep is rubbed onto the treatment area to further remove any grease or debris from the skin.
    • A 20% Vitamin C peel is applied to the area.
    • Once the peel has penetrated, the skin is then sandblasted with Medical grade crystals to remove the stratum corneum (top layer of the skin). This will be repeated over problem areas.
    • The Medical crystals are then rubbed into the skin and then wiped away.
    • The skin is now ready for the infusion of a serum – an appropriate serum with vitamins is massaged into the skin.
    • We finish off with 24 Karot Gold pure Mask to provide further vitamins to the skin and take away any redness.
    • A tinted Sun Protection cream is applied before you leave the Clinic.
    • Your Skin will be left soft, smooth & more luminous.
    • A typical treatment session with the Vitamin C peel, Infusion techniques and 24 Karot Gold Mask is approximately 45 mins to 1 hour.
    • The Med Micro procedure does not hurt, although it can feel scratchy, especially on bony areas.
    • You might feel a slight stinging sensation after the procedure, this is cooled down with the application of a Mask.
    • Nearly all our clients find the treatment very relaxing.
    • Even though the results are visible after the first session the full treatment is done gradually over time.
    • We recommend 8-12 sessions every 10-14 days.
    • Some clients have the treatment on a regular basis because they love the results and it keeps the skin in good condition.
    • Just like physical fitness our skin needs an exercise programme to keep it looking young and healthy, regular stimulation of the epidermal layer aids in the production of new collagen and elastin formation.
    • The Ultra-peel machines have been used in Europe and USA for several years without any significant side effects.
    • The most common problem is a little discomfort during treatment on sensitive areas.
    • Redness can be expected due to the physical rubbing and the suction of the hand-piece. Redness can persist for a few hours or the following day.
    • Some dryness can occur after the treatment. This is due to the removal of the superficial layers of the epidermis and can be corrected by application of an appropriate moisturiser.
    • You will need to protect your skin with a suitable sun protection cream recommended by your skin practitioner.
    • You can only use mineral make-up on the day of the treatment.
    • It is advisable that you use the products recommended to enhance the results of the treatment.
    • You will be given an after care advice sheet to follow.


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