Rosacea Treatment

  • All types of Red Blush with Veins
  • Unique combination treatment
  • Laser & IPL reduces redness up to 90%
  • Diet plan, to reduce Rosacea
  • Prescribed Rosacea skincare


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    Skin Care for Rosacea

    •  Besides having a good diet and avoiding unnecessary stress you also need to consider skin care specifically for Rosacea which is essential to maintain optimum skin health.
    • The sensitivity of the skin in Rosacea clients is influenced by many environmental factors such as climate, humidity, seasons, UV-radiation, frequent contact with water, solvents, soaps and mechanical irritations.
    • We recommend the following Rosacea home care kits to calm the skin and enhance and maintain the results of your Laser/IPL treatments.
    • The Rosacea kits are available for purchase at all our Clinics or available in our Online Shop.

    Rosacea Calm Schrammek Kit

    This kit Includes the following 3 products:

    Super Soft Cleanser
    • Calming silky smooth gentle cream cleanser effectively removes everyday build-up, impurities and makeup.
    • Has a unique blend of nourishing emollients, containing shea butter and botanical extract that soothe and gently cleanse delicate and sensitive skin, whilst not overdrying.
    Rosea Calm Cream
    • Special care for sensitive, reddened skin.
    • Anti-irritating care for skin prone to redness and inflammations. A vasoactive plant cocktail and a protective complex from balloon vine, echium oil and unsaponifiable parts of sunflower strengthen the skin.
    • Green pigments conceal redness. Without perfume, without mineral oil, without parabens, without PEG-derivatives.
    Optimum Protection Cream
    • Multi-active protective care cream for all skin types SPF 20
    • Essential SPF 20 UVA UVB also acts as an antioxidant moisturiser for all skin types, especially normal sensitive.

    Rosacea Sensitive Kit

    The Rosacea Sensitive Kit contains the following 2 products:

    Don’t Be So Sensitive Cleanser
    • Gentle soothing anti-oxidant cleansing wash to gently cleanse, soothe and protect the skin.
    • Key ingredients:
      • Panthenol – skin softener
      • Allantoin – soothing for sensitive skin
      • Lutein – Antioxidant protection & redness erythema
    Control Tactics
    • Soothes and calms red and flushed skin.
    • It is a medigrade cosmetic solution for skin recovery, it has the following:
      • Anti-inflammatory effect
      • Reduction in vasodilation, oedema and redness
      • Anti-oxidant action
      • Soothing effect
      • Skin hydration
    • The key ingredients in the product are:
      • Palmitoyl Tripeptide 8 – Anti-Inflammatory
      • Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin C & E – Antioxidant protection
      • Raspberry, Chamomile & Green tea extracts – Antioxidant protection
      • Oat Beta Glucan & Arnica Montana – Speed recovery
      • Hydrolyzed algin, Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Allantoin & Olus oil – Hydration.

    Mineral Makeup for Rosacea

    Blemish Balm For Rosacea
    • This is an all in one product that contains a physical sun block, moisturiser, mineral makeup and calming ingredients.
    • Covering special care for reddened, irritated and impure skin.
    • There are many BB Creams, but only one Blemish Balm – The Original! Available in 3 Shades. All in one Treatment Moisturiser, Sun Protection and Mineral Makeup.
    • A special preparation for the care of irritated skin, reddened dry and blemish skin. The panthenol and bisabolol calms irritated and reddened skin.
    • Redness and impurities disappear faster and can be optimally covered by the harmonized tints. It leaves skin softly matte with a pleasant, non-greasy feeling.
    • Developed over 50 years ago  Original Formula. All in one treatment moisturiser, sun protection and mineral makeup.
    • Available in 3 skin shades to suit all skin colours.
    Acea Gel
    • This 0.75% gel contains Metronidazole.
    • Metronidazole has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial & antiprotozoal activity.
    • Effective in the treatment of moderate to severe rosacea
    • Clinically proven to:
      • Provide a significant reduction in papules & pustules
      • Reduce & control redness
      • Reduce inflammation
      • Be well tolerated
      • Can also help in the maintenance of remission from symptoms of Rosacea
    • How to use:
      • Should be used in areas with inflammatory and red flare-ups
      • Use for a minimum of 8 weeks on affected areas as a thin layer twice a day
      • Avoid sunlight and use SPF 50.


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