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    About Milia

    What are Milia?

    • Benign Keratin-filled cysts, they are also known as Milk spots.
    • They are hard to the touch and most commonly found on the face, eyes, cheeks and nose area.
    • They lie just under the top layer of skin and look like small white or yellowish bumps.
    • The white/yellow mineral in the Milia is made up of cells from protein and dead skin layers called the stratum corneum.
    • Milia can occur in people of all ages, ethnicity or sex.
    • Milia can affect 40-50% of newborn babies. It normally appears a couple of weeks after birth because the oil gland on the baby’s face are still developing. In the case of newborn babies the Milia will clear up on its own within a few months without need of any treatment.
    • They are not spots.
    • They have nothing to do with your pores.
    • They are harmless and not cancerous.
    • They are not infectious.
    • They are not caused by bacteria or poor hygiene.
    • They are nothing to do with diet or lifestyle.
    • You cannot get rid of them yourself or by taking the pill.

    Types of Milia

    There are different types of Milia:

    • Neonatal Milia: These occur in newborn babies and are thought to arise from sweat glands that are not fully developed. The condition will resolve on its own once the sweat glands have developed.
    • Primary Milia: These are formed directly from trapped keratin. They can occur in both children and adults. This is the most popular form of Milia seen in Adults.
    • Secondary Milia: These form after something clogs the ducts leading to the skin surface, usually after trauma or injury to the skin. The Milia develops as the skin heals and it’s thought that damage to the sweat glands may be the cause. Secondary Milia can also develop after certain creams have been used such as corticosteroid.
    • Milia en plaque: Milia of this type are extremely rare. The Milia develop on an inflamed, raised patch of skin known as a plaque which may be several centimetres across. The cause for Milia en plaque is not fully understood. It usually occurs behind the ears, on an eyelid, or on the cheeks or jaw area. This type of Milia tends to particularly affect middle-aged women.
    • Multiple eruptive Milia: The Milia appear in crops, or patches of Milia that develop over a period of weeks or months. The crops usually appear on the face, the upper arms and the upper trunk. Milia of this type are also extremely rare.

    What causes Milia?

    We cannot answer with certainty why Milia occurs, but we do know the following:

    • Keratinization of the skin over the hair follicle occurs, causing sebum to accumulate in the hair follicle. Build up of keratin under the skin.
    • Milia can be hereditary, some people are more prone to it than others.
    • They don’t seem to be related to Diet, Lifestyle or any Medical health issues.
    • Can be related to dry skin where normal secretions are restricted.
    • Can be caused by poor product usage and can be aggravated by congested ingredients. Use of heavy creams, makeup and sunscreens including any products that contain mineral oil and wax.
    • Excessive sun exposure can also increase the chances of getting Milia as sun damage thickens the top layer of the skin.
    • Long term use of steroids, thinner skin.
    • Milia can also be caused by trauma, scars or blisters. Injury and burns to the skin and following intense procedures like Skin Resurfacing.


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