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    Sun And Skin Ageing

    • At least 90% of the age-associated cosmetic problems, known as photo-aging of the skin, are due to excessive sun exposure.
    • Changes in the skin due to sun exposure include:gord_icm1104509_f1_3
      • Wrinkling of the skin
      • Sagging of the skin
      • Discolouration of the skin
      • Presence of multiple pigmented spots
      • Think skin
      • Telangiectasia
      • Hypo-pigmentation(light patches of skin colour)
    • One of the first visible signs of sunlight radiation damage is erythema, redness of the skin. It can appear 2-6 hours after sun exposure. It can last for hours or up to several days.
    • The intensity of the redness is a good indication of the severity of the damage to the skin inflicted by the sun.
    • Just a few minutes of sun exposure each day over the years can cause changes to the skin in terms of ageing. This is why it’s so important to sue sun protection before stepping out.

    UVA and UVB rays

    UVB rays Burn you!
    • UVB rays: sunburn is associated with shorter UVB rays. UVB is the main cause of skin reddening and sunburn.
    • Only penetrates upper epidermal layer of the skin and is more prevalent on sunny days.
    • It can lead to thicker more leathery skin.
    • UVB rays do not significantly penetrate glass.
    UVA rays Age you!
    • UVA rays: this longer ultraviolet wavelength can penetrate the skin and damage connective tissue at deeper levels. Even if the skin surface feels cool. UVA rays penetrate more deeply than UVB rays
    • UVA rays are the main culprit of skin ageing and wrinkling.

    UVA and UVB sun rays are unaffected by clouds and rain, which means they affect the skin all year round. This is why we recommend all our client to use suitable sunscreen protection all year round come rain or shine!.

    • Shiny wet skin absorbs more light than dry, dull skin since the index of refraction is closer to air. There are less scattering and more penetration. So using oil on the skin before sunbathing greatly increases the amount of sunlight absorbed by the skin without any benefit of protection. The use of these products on the skin is very much like using a frying oil to transfer the heat from the stove to the meat.

    Sun Protection Creams

    • Sun protection creams play an important role in reducing the harmful effects of the sun. The sunscreen should protect you against both UVA and UVB rays.

    What does the SPF number mean?

    • SPF stands for ‘Sun Protection Factor’. The higher the SPF number the more sunburn protection the product provides.

    How to apply sunscreen?

    To get the full effectiveness the product should be applied in an adequate amount liberally all over the face. If you are visibly exposed to the sun the product should be reapplied every few hours.

    Step by step application guide:

    • Thoroughly cleanse the skin
    • Apply an antioxidant serum to the face (if you use one).
    • Apply your heliocare sunscreen – remember all the heliocare sunscreen range contain moisturisers – so you don’t need a separate moisturise in the daytime.
    • If using a separate moisturiser, wait a suitable time for the cream to absorb into the skin then apply the sunscreen.
    • Make sure the sunscreen is applied liberally covering all areas including behind the ears, nose, between brows and under the chin and neck.
    • Wait till the sunscreen is absorbed then apply your foundation, if needed, preferably on with at least SPF 15.
    • Remember to reapply sunscreen or SPF every 3-4 hours if spending long periods of time in the sun.

    If you purchase our SPF tinted heliocare sun cream, you won’t have to bother with a separate moisturiser or foundation.

    The deep wrinkles, age spots, and leathery skin indicate premature aging caused by years of unprotected exposure to the sun.


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