IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal

  • Many Salons and Clinics claim to provide lasers, when in fact they only use IPL, and an IPL is mistakenly referred to as a Laser. We want to clear up any misconceptions.
  • IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is not a Laser. Laser has 3 unique properties.
    1. Monochromatic: produces pure colour of light. The light emitted from a laser is of one wavelength (colour). White light is a mixture of colours.
    2. Coherent: Moves in a coherent manner and not a random motion like an IPL.
    3. Collimated: the parallel nature of the laser beam. The light beam of a Laser is focused tightly over long distances.Page 20 laser handbook pic.

    Laser vs IPL

IPLs are:

  • Less effective technology for removing hair.
  • A lot cheaper to buy than Lasers
  • Considered to be “jack of all trades masters of none”
  • IPLs cannot safely be used on dark skin types
  • Normally uses gel as cooling method which is messy
  • IPLs are more uncomfortable – more intense flash of light.
  • IPLs are slow – long pulse delivery.

Lasers are:

  • More effective & more selective
  • Vapourises the hair – immediate satisfaction to client in comparison to IPL.
  • More published clinical evidence for laser hair removal compared to IPL
  • Penetrates deeper into the skin, more effective for darker thicker hairs – IPLs only penetrate 2mm.
  • Better cooling devices, such as cold air, cryogen spray
  • Lasers are more expensive to buy than IPLs.

So to summarise:

  • Treatment performed using an IPL is not as effective for hair removal. Laser uses just one wavelength to target hair follicles. Therefore Laser energy is far more focused than a IPL energy. The treatment settings with our Laser machines are more accurate and precise so we can individualise treatments for each client.
  • When IPL is used for hair removal there is also a greater risk of causing damage to the skin, such as changes to skin pigmentation or burning.

So why do so many Clinics/Salons use IPL?

  • The cost of IPL equipment is a lot cheaper than Laser equipment.
  • IPL equipment is more versatile as it can perform a number of skin treatments as well as Laser Hair Removal. So really is an all in one machine.

Reason to come to us!

  • Our Clinics use specific Laser equipment depending on your hair and skin type for the sole purpose of hair removal and we have different equipment for skin treatments.
  • We use the most up-to- date equipment for safe and effective hair removal, to give you perfect results every time.
  • Our Lasers are continuously maintained by our in-house laser engineers.
  • Affordable prices using the most up to date Laser technology


  • “Very satisfied with the level of service provided, all the staff have been well trained and prices are very competitive!”

  • “Excellent layout of the premises with top of the range machines. Professional and friendly staff.”

    Zee S
  • "Very helpful, accommodating and friendly. Leicester Laser Clinic are the people to see for laser hair removal."

  • "Have had really great results so far. The staff are extremely professional and friendly. The site itself is big, modern and clean. Prices are very reasonable!"

    Lavishka Katwa (5stars)

Our Customer Stories

Rhianna's story

"For me my skin is the most important thing, having Laser has really helped me with my confidence which is really important to my modeling career. I can go to shoots without makeup and feel confident with my skin."

Sulu’s story

I barely have any regrowth, my skin is smooth and hair free. I'm more confident going gym, swimming and the beach. I can't believe the results!

Jessica's story

"I've had an 80% reduction in breakouts from when I started to now. Many people have noticed a lot of improvement in my skin. I'll definitely be continuing with my treatments."

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