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    About Ingrown Hairs

    What are Ingrown Hairs?

    • Ingrown hairs are also known as Folliculitis Barbae or Razor Bumps.
    • An ingrown hair occurs when a shaved or tweezed hair grows back into the skin. The problem is that the hair does not emerge from the follicle but remains embedded into the skin.
    • They can become infected, they cause scarring and can be quite distressing!
    • With the average male growing about half a millimetre of facial hair a day and with thousands and thousands of hair follicles it is hardly surprising that many men suffer from some form of folliculitis or ingrown hairs.
    • It can sometimes look like acne on the face but in fact is an infection of the follicles due to hair growing. This condition gets worse by regular removal of the hair such as shaving or waxing.
    • Women are equally affected by ingrown hairs on areas such as legs and Bikini.


    What causes Ingrown Hairs?

    • Hair Removal methods such as plucking, waxing, epilating, shaving can cause ingrown hairs.
    • It can happen if the hair follicle becomes clogged with dead skin cells.
    • If the hair is strong or curly it forces the hair inside to grow sideways.
    • It becomes a particular problem if you shave an area regularly, the hair that grows back has a sharper edge and more likely to poke back into the skin.
    • Ingrown hairs can also be genetic.
    • The problem is more likely to occur on people with dark, thick, curly hair.

    Which areas are affected?

    • The common areas affected are Beards, Legs, Bikini, Under Arms and Buttocks.
    • Usually, areas that have thick coarse hair and where hair removal is carried out regularly.

    Problems with Ingrown Hairs?

    • Your body detects the ingrown hair as something foreign and trigger an immune response that causes the area to become swollen, red and itchy.
    • Red raised spots sometimes become infected and turn into painful puss-filled spots.
    • Inflammation, irritation, itching, sensitivity and stubble can be difficult to deal with. Ingrown hairs can also leave a scar and pigmented marks, especially on darker skin types.
    • Females tend to wear makeup to cover up ingrown hairs and marks and do not wear short skirts or dresses.

    Laser Treatment for Ingrown Hairs

    • Stop Shaving, Waxing, Plucking Epilating right away. You are worsening the condition.
    • The only way to really treat ingrown hairs is to stop the hair from growing.
    • Our Laser treatment is the Gold standard treatment for ingrown hairs that will eradicate them forever.
    • Our Laser treatment will also get rid of the dark patches and uneven skin tone associated with ingrown hairs. This is particularly common with dark skin.
    • You should see a result within 4-6 treatments and then maintenance sessions should be required.

    How Laser Ingrown Hair Treatment works?

    • The laser works just as well with ingrown hairs as normal hairs.
    • There’s specific FDA approval for ingrown hairs with our laser.
    • The Laser destroys the hair but the hair cannot escape, eventually the hair gets absorbed by the body’s mechanism just like with tattoo removal.

    So what are you waiting for, Book your Ingrown hair Laser treatment today!


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