Agera RX Acne Peel

  • Unique Layered Acne Peel
  • Rapidly improves Acne
  • Reduces Breakouts
  • Reduces Acne Scarring
  • Quick Results no downtime
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    Agera RX Acne Peel

    Buy 6 sessions and receive
    your acne home care for Free.

    This includes

    • Agera Gentle Gel Cleanser or Salicylic wash.
    • Agera Oxy Infusion.
    • Antibacterial
    • Peptide cream

    Treatment Summary

    Procedure Time

    30 mins.

    No. of treatments

    6 peels 2 weeks apart.


    No real Downtime. Mild irritation redness and dryness may last 1 week.


    Rapid control of Acne & prevention of future scarring.


    £60.00 per session.

    Special Offer

    Buy 6 sessions and receive your acne home care for Free.
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    Why have Agera RX Acne Peel?

    • The Agera Peel is a tailored, Prescriptive & Specialist Programme to rapidly improve acne skin.
    • This Medical Formula is a revolutionary method for treating Acne with a combination of skin peels & advanced skin care products.
    • The peel consists of a combination of AHA’s and BHA’s (Salicylic and L-ascorbic acids).
    • This system has been clinically proven to dramatically reduce bacteria, blocked pores & skin discolorations’ associated with acne.
    • The unique peels are non-irritating and cause no downtime from skin shedding or redness.
    • The peels work from inside the skin and do not disturb the stratum corneum layer.

    How our peel works?

    • The Peel uses AHA’s and BHA’s to provide significant results by reducing bacterial and preventing new acne eruptions.
    • The Pro C Peel – L’ Ascorbic Acid, reduces inflammation, reduces bacteria, reduces erythema. It has a significant sterilizing, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties. These properties act on reducing the cystic sites and help to reduce further bacterial outbreaks.
    • The Salicylic content within the SLC Peels has a strong keratolytic effect on the skin, reducing underlying congestion and renewing sluggish compacted skin cells.
    • The formulations in the peel use highly active peptides to eliminate bacterial causes of acne while stimulating collagen and elastin without irritation.

    Results from Agera RX Acne Peel

    • Targets the causes of Acne inflammation and helps reduce and control blocked pores and bacteria.
    • Rapid control of Acne symptoms and prevention of future scarring.
    • Evens out skin discolouration associated with Acne.


    • “Very satisfied with the level of service provided, all the staff have been well trained and prices are very competitive!”

    • “Excellent layout of the premises with top of the range machines. Professional and friendly staff.”

      Zee S
    • "Very helpful, accommodating and friendly. Leicester Laser Clinic are the people to see for laser hair removal."

    • "Have had really great results so far. The staff are extremely professional and friendly. The site itself is big, modern and clean. Prices are very reasonable!"

      Lavishka Katwa (5stars)

    Our Customer Stories

    Rhianna's story

    "For me my skin is the most important thing, having Laser has really helped me with my confidence which is really important to my modeling career. I can go to shoots without makeup and feel confident with my skin."

    Sulu’s story

    I barely have any regrowth, my skin is smooth and hair free. I'm more confident going gym, swimming and the beach. I can't believe the results!

    Jessica's story

    "I've had an 80% reduction in breakouts from when I started to now. Many people have noticed a lot of improvement in my skin. I'll definitely be continuing with my treatments."

    Alicia’s story

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